Thursday, June 30, 2005

Victoria (British Columbia)

In June 2005 I had a client meeting in Whistler. Once that was finished I took a few days off and went to Victoria to visit my Aunt & Uncle and my friend Sheri and her family. My uncle is fond of hiking and so we went for a few hikes while I was there. There are so many trails around where they live that we didn't have to venture very far before being out in the wilderness!

One of our hikes took us to French Beach. It was a pretty windy day, but the scenery is breath taking. Just behind my Aunt & Uncle's house is the Royal Roads University. A scene from the movie X men was filmed here. Check out Royal Roads and see if you recognize it as the school that was invaded in the movie!

This picture was taken in the back yard of my Aunt & Uncle's house. The deer are so tame that if you leave the gate open...they wander in.

A view from the ferry on the way back to Vancouver.


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