Friday, April 18, 2003


Che Guevara - an icon of socialist revolution. I believe this is the telecommunications building.

One of many impressive buildings in Havana that has been restored. This is the Theatre Nacional.

Some other less impressive buildings, given that they have not been restored. Gives a good comparison of the opulence that once existed in Cuba and now the poverty. That being said, we were very impressed with what happy and generous people the Cubans are.

And the old cars are not a myth in Cuba. It is strange to see cars from the 40's, 50's & 60's driving down the street alongside brand new ones.

And Cuba isn't Cuba without a ride in a Coco Taxi. That being said, there were a few races and some near death experiences. Needless to say, safety standards are a little different in Cuba. Here are Casey & Tanis...notice they are behind us.

On the last night in Cuba we went to the Tropicana show. Well worth the price. The costumes and performances were amazing.

In April 2003 Wade and I along with a group from Cayman went to Cuba for Easter break. Wade also went to Cuba for a weekend in January 2003 with the boys while the girls were in Miami. Here we are for a meal in someone's house (one of the only ways to get good food in Cuba). When people say Cuban cuisine is good...they must be people who have never been to Cuba. Food at the hotels, even the most expensive, is terrible. Here we are with Rob, Anne-Marie, Jen, Ryan, Casey, Tanis, Nicole & Nathan.