Saturday, October 04, 2003

Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

In September 2003 Wade and I went to Jamaica for my birthday. It was especially nice seeing as I had just come back from cold Canada after being at my friends Crystal & Mike's wedding. We were only in Jamaica for 2 1/2 days but one day was spent bicycling down the Blue Mountains. We got some great coffee to take home and it was an interesting experience winding down through the mountains while Reggae music and Ganga were wafting up to greet you!

Dunns River falls was a series of waterfalls falling into pools. You get a Jamaican guide, some special booties and then you get to climb the falls. Here is one section of the falls that we climbed. Nothing like trying to maintain your footing on slippery rocks with water coming forcing down on you!

Even when you live on a tropical island, a pool bar on someone else's island is always a vacation.