Friday, June 20, 2003

Orlando (Florida)

In June 2003 we went with Casey & Tanis for a long weekend to Orlando. Who knew theme parking could be so much fun! We went to Pleasure Island at Walt Disney, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and then went for the day to Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. This is the entrance to Islands of Adventure.

Oh yeah, look at me I'm Spidey and I'm so tough. You're a lot smaller than I remember you from Comic books and TV. Yeah I think I can take you with these Hulk hands. I wonder if they'll make a ride for me then....or if I'll get kicked out of the park. Hmmm...I really want to go on more rides and drink more beer. Maybe I should just leave Spidey alone. Anyways that girl he's with looks kinda tough. Yup, I like beer better. Rena, Casey, Tanis...wait up!

Universal Studios was a welcome day off from the roller coasters. Tanis and I discovered how old we truly were. Tanis got ill on the first roller coaster of the day (probably our selection of candy for breakfast wasn't the best idea) and I ended up with a sore neck and 3 months of physio upon our return to Cayman. The boys seemed to fare much better...probably something to do with all the beer consumption.