Monday, November 10, 2003


In November 2003 we traveled with Shari and Eamon in Peru for 2 weeks. Here we are on a bus from Arequipa going to the Colca Canyon. Along the way we get our first look at ancient terraces the Incans were so famous for.

The highlight of our trip was trekking the Sacred Trail (most people trek the 4 day Inca trail, however, we did not have time for that route) to MachuPicchu. MachuPicchu is one of the 10 ancient wonders of the world and truly was a magical forgotten citadel of the Inca.

Our guide, Bobbie, promised that we would be the first group at MachuPicchu in the morning and to our surprise we were! We enjoyed MachuPicchu by ourselves for about 15 minutes before the throngs of tourists entered. We were able to enjoy MachuPichhu with the Lamas in complete serenity.

Here we are on a 5 hour boat ride up a river in the Amazon. Our guide, Waldo, spots the timid Capivores on the shore line. They are like mini hippos! We spent 3 days & nights in the Amazon. Everyday was a new adventure. The first night we trekked through the jungle in the dark and saw either a Jaguar or a Puma. We compromised and called him a Jaguma. The first day we awoke to Howler monkeys throwing branches down on our camp. And on one of the days we had to hide from a pack of wild boars that were nashing their way through the jungle.